Love in a small town

This past week I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful family and their newest addition, Davis.

I grew up with Steven and his siblings in the same neighborhood. I come from a larger family having 4 brothers myself, so it was really nice to know another larger family. Steven is one of 7! I have tons of memories of swimming, discovering, finding animals and scorpions, peeing in the woods (yep... ) & loving all the animals and dogs we could find with them. I'm pretty sure last time I saw Steven he was about 4ft tall, but he sure grew into his big bones and broad shoulders.

Then oddly enough I met and trained Lauren at a local restaurant about two years ago. She always stuck out to me, she's incredibly beautiful and sweet. Together they are about as sweet as can be. Steven is gentle and loving, and it surely shows watching him interact with Lauren, Ava (2), and their littlest one Davis (7 weeks old).


There are times when this town feels too small, and other times it feels just small enough to unite old memories of childhood with the new exciting chapters as getting married and inviting little ones into our lives.


Parenthood sure looks good on ya'll.

Little Davis gave me a mad case of baby fever.

from the smell of newborn baby skin and milk, his tiny toes, the little yawns.

I know ya'll are in love, because I am too.

He is the sweetest, and will definitely have so much fun growing up with his sister Ava.