A baby of Promise

Yesterday’s shoot was nothing short of beautiful.

It’s not what we had originally planned. We had a different location in mind, a different backdrop, a different idea of how the smoke bombs would turn out... but sometimes that’s how life is, it’s full of changes, turns in the road, and surprises… but those surprises sometimes end up being gifts and treasures… kinda like this baby will be..

I arrived on site, probably half an hour early to scout out the area, find the best lighting, and to know exactly where I was going to take them. It wasn’t far into my walk up the mountain area that I noticed some dark clouds in the distance.

I looked intently at the sky to see what direction the clouds were going, in hopes that just maybe they would be headed the opposite direction. Not long after I got a text from Todd saying that it looked like a storm might be blowing in. I was still hopeful that it wouldn’t. I even thought' ‘man these dark clouds might even give some really awesome contrast to the colors of the smoke bomb that was gonna reveal’, what Baby Smith was going to be. but just within minutes the wind picked up tremendously, the clouds were almost above me as I quickly headed back to where my car was parked.

cue the rain…


I texted Sarah and Alec giving them a heads up, and they told me to start driving back towards where they were and that we’d find another location.

They had a place in mind! Now even though I grew up around the area there’s still so many hidden treasures I’ve yet to find. When I pulled up this location and saw where they were thinking my eyes were opened. There are some golden gems right near me that I wasn’t even aware of!

This spot was perfect. It was dreamy. It was still raining!

But that wasn't going to stop us. The clouds overhead made for some of the best lighting, the lake covered in lily pads was something you’d see in a story book. Sarah and Alec’s love for each other, and love for their new baby to be was evident….

Amidst storms, whether in life, or changes in Georgia’s ever changing weather, remember to always hold onto hope.

I recently even had a conversation with Sarah about this being a season of hope, a season of fresh beginnings. That I could feel in the atmosphere there was a sense of hope rising, in myself and in my life personally. but also I could sense it in those around me. It’s a season of promises fulfilled, and new dreams to be born. It’s so exciting to see her and Alec having this baby, a baby of promise, a baby of hope, and restoration.

And with great pleasure I get to help announce that baby Smith is a GIRL!

Juniper Smith coming September 2019! <3


Perhaps you were born for such a time as this.

Esther 4:14

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen
— Hebrews 11:1