Lily Pond Magic

Rain drops fell lightly from above. Cooling off the morning to a comfortable temperature. The windows were down, as we headed to a new spot I had been recently shown. I looked over at her, wind in her hair, as music filled the car. Transported me back to those summer days… riding in the car, hiking in the dry heat, taking a dip in icy cold waterfalls and beautiful lakes. That night we slept under the stars for her birthday, and the time she kidnapped me away to Yosemite in attempt to see the fire falls. Here we were again in the car, this time listening to Johnnyswim instead of Taylor Swift… things have changed… but only a little.;)

We emerged from the woods. Immediately my eye caught the pink blossoms coming from the water.

As a symbol of rebirth, the lotus flower beckoned me, inviting me in. Rain washed over me. I was breathing in new life. It was mothers day. The Lotus reminded me of my own rebirth this past year. A beautiful yet messy birth into motherhood. The death and mourning of who I once was, but the glorious development into a new being. I once explored and adventured, and I still do; but now I do it holding onto a new identity as a mother. I treasure being a mom, and it forever was a dream of my heart. A dream and a promise fulfilled that I get to see daily smiling back at me. A reminder that God is faithful to his promises.

We took a few more pictures as it started to rain harder. We headed back towards the darkness of the wooded trail. We talked and walked along. Sharing thoughts and dreams, just like old times.

Arin, you never cease to amaze me with your sense of wonder and adventure. the spirit within you that is alive to learn and to grow, to teach and to nurture. Thank you for keeping my spirit of adventure alive and for always making an effort to see me when you’re in town. You are and forever will be an incredible friend, and I can’t wait to finally visit you in New Orleans.

and a special thank you for introducing me to Johnnyswim.

One day when I’m free
Take a ferry ride over and be close to me
Build a house by the rock where the bay meets the sea
Where the dreams of my mother are buried like seeds
And I’ll be your lighthouse, I’ll be your lighthouse
And I’ll be your lighthouse, you’ll be one for me
— Johnnyswim